HTML in ID placeholder

I’m not completely sure this is a bug but sometimes I find these strange placeholders.
Browser: Chrome
Windows 10


Just to confirm - you’re referring specifically to the presence of HTML code in the placeholder right?
Definitely odd!

Yes that’s what I mean

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I see them regularly, thought it was intended.

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is that actually what we normally think of as a placeholder? this is the observation: in the english version of the observation, the text in the parentheses is the scientific name for the class.

I think so, not sure why this html is displaying, but looks like Nicolás hadn’t made his ID yet in the screenshot.

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ok. the text matches the text you get when you search for a taxon, but i’m not sure how that ends up in the placeholder:

UPDATE: it happens in the EDIT screen, if you click on the “use as a placeholder” text instead of the actual taxon entry:

so i guess there’s a small bug on that screen, but it’s sort of user error, too.


Added a bug report:

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Was not sure and made a screendump but not a bug report…

This one was fixed last July: