I ate iNaturalist message on some users' identification page

I reported to admin some 14 hours ago that I tried to check identifications made by users, like tonyrebelo, beetledude, karoopixie & nicky, but just get the I ate iNaturalist message.

tonyrebelo’s and beetledude’s first page seem to be fine now, but the message still pops up when selecting p2.

No problem when checking identifications by users


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like vynbos, rjpretor and mine.

Are more users getting the message?

There’s already a bug report on this.


Thank you. Seems most of those problems have been solved.

These ones are still persisting.

no official notification yet, but it looks to me like they’ve deployed a fix for this particular problem.

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Yes, and the comments seem to be working too.

Much better, but still happens when you go back far…

I forget the number, but there is a limit to the number of pages of observations one can access at a time, and I’m thinking 334 might be past that limit. I think the only work-around at the moment is to use more restrictive filter criteria to get a smaller subset.

Thank you I take note. Then the problem seems solved.

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