Identifications tab won't open

Error code 500, whale shark ate my IDs

@tiwane another one!

Yes, we think we found the bug and we’re working on it.


It’s not every account, oddly enough.

Eg. These accounts currently work for me:

    But these don’t:
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thanks @tiwane!

also, apologies if this had previously been addressed; I tried to check out the Bug Reports section first, but if a similar topic had been posted I missed it.

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Comments, IDs. Are you feeling targeted? :)


“Shut up, Star! Also, nobody wants your coarse IDs!” ;P

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My ID tab also got eaten

Very strange! We’re still looking into it, sorry folks.

Should then solution post be unchecked then, if it’s still ongoing?

Btw, I can see Alecc’s IDs now, but still not my own.

And karoopixie still looks down for me as well.

I have done so.

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i think this must be related to specific identifications or observations, not related to accounts.

as of today: – works – doesn’t work – works

if you look at page 1, there are a lot of identifications from yesterday, which means that whatever would have been on page 1 on the day the bug was first reported could very likely be on page 2 now. so the problem has shifted from page 1 to page 2.


in fact, you can probably pinpoint an example of an item that is causing the problem: – works – fails – fails – works

i bet if alecc did an additional identification or identifications, it would shift the problem as many notches as new identifications.

if you need a second example, here’s where my failures happen: – ok – fail – fail – ok

interestingly, when i look at my observation subscriptions (see image below), which should give me an idea of the identifications i made, since the subscriptions should occur automatically as i identify, Observation 23965338 shows up as 8th on page 1 of the identifications page, if i show 8 observations per page. Observation 33286624 shows up as 1st on page 2 of the identifications page, if i show 9 observations per page (which would make it the 10th most recent identification in total). so either there is no subscription for that problematic 9th most recent identification’s observation, or there was no actual observation that corresponds to that problematic 9th most recent identification.


@pisum thanks!

I should also say I had no idea people used /identifications/username so often. Just curious, why are you going to it?


i don’t really use that page that often. today, i was really only look at it because i saw that people were talking about it. usually, the only reason i’ll use it is to go back to one of my recent identifications because i want to add a comment or reference it for other identifications or something like that.

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I haven’t used it often, but when I do it is usually looking at the ID patterns a user is making, either to gauge their area of expertise, or perhaps to confirm a suspicion that they might be “identifying incorrectly”.

By the later, I mean situations, for example, where they are clicking on “Agree” to each taxa (esp multiple conflicting ones) in the same observation. There will often be a pattern in the users identifications that shows 2 or 3 IDs for the same observation in quick succession and repeated fairly consistantly… and it is symptomatic of a misunderstanding of what the Agree button is about. Usually just a quick DM to the identifier clarifies it and they no longer do the “multi-IDing” afterward.


oh yeah… i look at other people’s identifications, too. usually only when they’ve identified several of my observations that are unrelated by taxa or place… just to make sure i didn’t pick up a stalker.


iNat call them “Followers” :D

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For myself: I use it to try and get back to observations I’ve IDed before ( A ) to find observation that provide examples on new IDs I make, ( B ) because I’ve suddenly thought of something to add to an observation that I remember making, but wasn’t significant enough to favorite at the time and hasn’t had any activity (new IDs, comments, etc) to bring it up on home or notifications, ( C ) because I want to check if a vaguely remembered but non-favorited observation has had any edits would not notify me (DQA, # of pictures, time/date/location change) but that would change my ID, ( D ) etc.

For others: Usually either to gauge their expertise, or if I’ve seen them post a joke ID, to make sure they aren’t doing it on other observations as well (and if they are, to counter them with accurate IDs).


Thanks, @pisum!
@tiwane, based on psium’s results, I checked the comments filters (from my bug report) and it is also limited to certain pages:

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