I found an indoor lichen

Don’t know who needs to hear this but I’m quite sure the Huntington Gardens greenhouse contains an uniNatted wild lichen (prob adventive) which actually seems to be growing and surviving there. It’s a pale yellow leprose thing that resembles Chrysothrix candelaris but is a less intense color, and it also differs in shape noticeably from the more coarsely-granular Candelariella, Caloplaca, etc. common outdoors here. In fact, I have no memory of seeing the morphospecies outdoors even in humid parts of SoCal.

The greenhouse is currently closed for slug reasons (I saw the yellow crust thing through a blurry window and couldn’t take pics). But go look near a sign labeled Epiphytes when it opens.

You’re welcome.


I think it’s quite common that botanical gardens with tropical plants have some of the lichen associated with those plants growing on them - they probably get imported along with the plants. About the only way for me to observe leaf-growing lichens. And the good thing is that as far as inat is concerned those lichens are wild, even if the host plant is not :grin:

Hope you’ll be able to get a closeup picture once that greenhouse reopens!


Most of the time it’s only Bryophyta and Marchantiophyta in my experience, most lichens are known to die under greenhouse conditions.

Update, the fogged window defogged enough for me to get a pic through the glass.


Could it also be an algae?

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Maybe, but I don’t know of any free-living alga of this color/texture. I also see what appear to be apothecia but need a closer shot.

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