I struggle to find how to get a new location activated for later observations

I added an observation of Acolutha pictaria to a new location (Mt. Kitanglad above Dalwangan, Bukidnon, Philippines). On this observation the drop symbol in the map shows and everything looks ok. Then when trying to add the next species to this location it stops. My new location does not seem to have been activated. When I start to write Kitanglad several other locations shows, but not my new location. I suppose I have made a mistake somewhere in the process when creating the new location. At the moment I’m not able to add more observations to this location.


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Can you add a link to the place you are referring to?

In general, iNat observations aren’t added to specific locations - they just have their coordinates, and, if those coordinates fall within a certain place, then a search of that place will return the observation.

Taxa can be also added to place checklists, but this is a bit of a different process, and can be handled in a couple of different ways.


To add a link is a bit complicated. I’m adding a couple of screen shots, hoping that will help you to see my problem. First I added an observation of Acolutha pictaria to this new location I created. The screen shot show the locality connected to the observation. Then I try to add a second observation from the location (a different species). Everything looks normal until I try to add the location to this second observation. The second screen shot show Kitanglad locations available. My new location is not an option.

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Did you make a pinned location? Then you can add where you want to come back to.


I’m still unclear what you mean by

If you edited entered/edited a location for an observation when uploading it (or afterwards), that isn’t saved in iNat as a permanent place. You can create a pinned location as noted above, but these aren’t searchable by other users, though they are available to you for future uploads. See some info here:


I finnaly managed to create a pinned location for this site. I wasn’t aware the pinned function yesterday. It looks good now. Thanks for helping!


Also be aware that if you use a phone or camera with GPS enabled and connected, it will geo-tag your photos automatically, and iNaturalist will recognise the coordinates when you upload the photo. If that’s an option for you, it’s much simpler than entering locations manually

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