First upload: How do I add a "Place"?

When I uploaded this observation:
I don’t see where I can type in a “Place” which I want here:

After uploading, I looked at Edit, but still don’t see how to choose a place.

I am no expert in this but until one comes slong you could try Edit on the Obs, then search in the appropriate field for the Place, ie Location, or zoom on the map and manually place a Location pin where it was observed. Set an accuracy eg 10m or 100m or 1km. And change Obscured to Open, unless ou need to obscure it for some reason.

Thanks for the reply. There is already a Place but I don’t see how to add it to my observation in addition to the coordinates. Or is it supposed to show up on the Place list automatically? It isn’t.

This might be because the jagged orange lines on the map are missing a lot of this state park and definitely not all of the mountain.
Where does this outline come from?

You don’t add a place to an observation. Every obs is automatically added to every place it falls under. All you need to do is add a coordination. If your obs isn’t appearing in a Place give the system some time to process the data, and then check again.

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@sentraevant your observation will pick up a location description based on the GPS coords, but often it is not in a suitably descriptive form. When you edit the observation, you can change the name in the location box, and if you DON’T press enter but instead scroll down and click SAVE OBSERVATION, then it will use the new description for the place, without changing the pin location on the map.

Some examples:
this one picked up the place name based on the pin location (default behaviour):
here is one where I changed the description of the location to “Eastwoodhill Arboretum…” but didn’t change the pin location, much nicer!


Places can be added by many means, the site itself, individual users etc. The park seems to have very jagged borders, so the map of it may not be accurate. I may be able to try and replace that.

However, your observation is obscured which means all users see a random location not where it really is. Unless there is a specific reason you do not wish to reveal the actual location, it would be much easier to diagnose or explain this if you set that to open and reviewers can see where it is in relation to the mapped park borders.

My assumption this is Mount Spokane State park we are looking at, not some random definition, not some random definition of the area around the mountain.


kiwifergus, thank you for the explanation and samples. I didn’t realize I could change the “Where were you” field.

Yes. My concern is a state park boundary. Compared to Google map outline,,-117.1409854,12.65z
the iNat map border is excluding the most visited part of the park, its peak.

People on the private land might take photos right outside their condos, but so far most of the photos are within the state park. A large portion of the mountain is owned by a paper company but is open to the public for hikes. (Popular for fungi harvesting, people take photos too.)

That would be great. Thank you.

I changed the “obscured” to “open”.

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