I would like an iNat hat

A cap with a skirt on the back - it’s the back of my neck & my ears that constantly roast!

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Yeah - that’s the idea! Except not for $45 and with the iNat design :-)

oh, that’s NZ$ btw!

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask. So lets say I want to make some T-shirts with the iNat logo and give them for free for some of the porters (aka friends) that sometime join me in my bush walks are there any restrictions? Is there a place were I can get some cool designs and get them printed here?

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Definitely an improvement!

That is a great idea, I have a hat like that that I practically live in during the summer.

i bet there are restrictions, but as long as you’re not out there profiting on the logo or sullying the brand, who’s going to stop you from printing up fan merch? i’m not familiar with your area, but in my area there are lots of places that do t-shirts. so i bet it’s the same in your area.

For those of us who never saw Sam’s tee shirts, can I suggest the iNat team ask him what the design was, and think abut duplicating it?


Tee shirts:

Can I just say this: although 50/50 cotton and polyester tee shirts are cheaper, 100% cotton tee shirts are wonderful in that they are cooler, more absorbent, and they do not start to stink in the armpits after many wearings. They do shrink a bit, so you need to buy a lager size.

I would like also to suggest that tee-shirts shaped for women would be great to have – men’s tees look horrible on me, no matter what size I buy.


I promise that when we do finally sell shirts, there will be women’s cut shirts (there’s little I can confidently promise, but it’s very hard for me to imagine this not happening). They’re also very likely to be 100% cotton. :-)


I saw “underwear” the first time I read it too! Funny the shortcuts or brains take :grin:


Sorry if this has been asked/answered already, but any idea on timing?

see the first reply to this thread. @carrieseltzer says late this year for t-shirts.

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Yes, still aiming for late this year (November?). It’s great to know that baseball caps rank as highly as t-shirts! We’ll take these rankings into consideration for prioritizing iNat merchandise. Thanks!

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Agreed. I would definitely buy an iNat camera bag. In general iNat merchandise would be great.


I’d be happy with just some nice iNaturalist patches in a couple sizes. Then you can make a messenger bag, camera bag, or whatever you want.


iron-on patch?

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Iron-on would be fine but I’d probably actually attach it normally.

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Well if the team needs designs, particularly pixel art, let me know. Happy to help.