I would like an iNat hat

one would expect they’d have a hard time IDing to species…

we just have more converting to do, which justifies my purchase of more than one iNat-branded clothing item. mmmm…rationalizing.

P.S. I love the one shirt from this order I’ve gotten so far; the unisex Kelly green is gorgeous.


Was going to order T-Shirts but the colour I want, Heather Green, is unavailable in Large.

Any idea when more will be available?

Also would love a Camoflage option. Preferably in Multicam or similar pattern.

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The way to go might to be see if they can make a velcro backed iNat patch. Then you could put it on any of the camo -type products you like that have a velcro patch. I wouldn’t mind that for one of my backpacks that has a velcro pad for flags, unit designations, etc. Both have the iNat thing on it and cover the velcro area to protect it from damage.

A non-velcro patch would be nice too.

How’s the sizing on hats? My head measures about 25" around where a hat would go and a lot of one size fits all types are too tight. But some are fine.

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I just checked and unfortunately the heather green is still unavailable and I don’t know when it will be. I can check again later this week and update if it is.

Looks like the hat circumference 21.66 - 23.63 inches, so unfortunately too small.


Thanks for checking in Carrie. Will keep an eye on it.

My hat seems to fit fine.


Still no Heather Green T-Shirts in L size :cry: