I would like an iNat hat

yeah, yellow very much does, blue quite a bit too… I wear blue out in the field and find I have flying things land on me more often…


oh cool

if a ruler / grid – maybe even a protractor – could be integrated into the design, then i could definitely see myself carrying one around all the time when observing, even though i don’t use bandanas otherwise. i’m trying to envision what something like that might look like…

UPDATE: assuming standard bandana size is 56cm x 56cm, then here’s a very simple design incorporating a 1cm x 1cm grid. i’ve added red-bordered squares in the bottom-right corner to help visualize what it might look like if folded:



:smiley:Is that not a ~very, very~ cool idea?!?

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and if it’s white on one side and patterned on the other, then it can double as a beating sheet (put under plants, shake and see what falls out onto the white side of the bandana!)


The women’s shirts run very small!

I ordered a women’s large and it fits me quite snugly. I’m 5’2" (155 cm) and my bust is 36" (92 cm).

I love the bandana idea! I would also suggest car magnets vs car stickers. Makes it easier to move on and off or to a different car.