I would like an iNat hat

Hi, one of those shirts says it has a pocket, but it’s not reflected in the photos they look like a rendering and not an actual photo, so I’m guessing that’s where the issue lies). Can you confirm that it has a pocket on the front? Thank you!

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It’s not a real pocket, but the bird is sized and placed to fit on a breast pocket if there was one. I can see that can be a confusing name for that design.

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Oh, okay, thank you for the clarification. I wish more tshirts had pockets, they are handy to have!


I think the description should be amended to remove the word pocket. Shirt pockets are very important to some people (including my husband, who might be very disturbed to order a shirt described has having a pocket and have it show up with only a logo).


We’re moving the iNat Store to a new platform (Threadless) that will allow us to have a much greater variety of products, styles, and sizes, has a generous return policy, and most importantly, will directly handle all customer service issues (instead of me!).

You can take a look at the initial designs and new items before we announce it widely and replace the existing store with https://inaturalist.threadless.com/

There are a few things that will go away (because Threadless doesn’t offer them) once we make the switch:

  • Kelly green, forest green, and white hats. Order now from the existing store if you want those colors.
  • Shirts with printing on the back. If you want the shirt with the bird on the front and “iNaturalist” on the back, order now from the existing store. Please be aware that there are still long-term supply issues with some sizes of greens.

There are a few existing designs that we aren’t transferring to Threadless:

  • Prominent iNaturalist bird with iNaturalist below (example). If you want this style, order now from the existing store.
  • Logo-only shirts. If for some reason you don’t want the iNaturalist bird and only the word “iNaturalist”, order now from the existing store.

If you want to buy now from the new store, FREESHIP621 will give you free shipping until Sunday, June 27 at 5 pm in Chicago (Central Daylight Time). Threadless will manage the pricing in our store (at least for the time being) and they frequently have sales and free shipping offers.

Are there other designs you’d like to see? Other products offered by Threadless that we don’t have yet? We may consider reviving past designs or adding new ones based on demand and team capacity.


Would be nice for more “unisex” shirt colour options. I do love the bella and canvas so great shirt choice, but the nice “womens” colours are more like lil girl sizes. I need a 22" chest (44 total) which is a typical large, but in the dumb “women” cut, that is not even a 2XL, and they are like midrift shirts they’re so short. Field. Ticks. Tuck in shirt. Impossible when it doesn’t even go past my belly button, ha! Since it is a drop ship type shirt, should be easy to add colour options? :)

Edit: ok now it shows me the rest of the thread, checking out the new store :)


Well, since you asked:

And, maybe, V-neck shirts?


YES bandana would be great!

There are V necks on the new one, which is great as they fit me better.

Still no purple shirts that fit me though, and I’m a 22" chest which is a typical unisex / men large. Purple and green and white are great combo too! I would so buy a soft v neck purple tshirt with the standard logo <3 I’d also buy a purple performance long sleeve, would be PERFECT for caving, and I do mostly cave bio.


second one love! why does this not exist! I use bandanas ALL THE TIME <3


I love purple, too. Men’s and Unisex shirts are dicey on me. But, I could risk it for a long sleeve purple v-neck shirt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love the cut of “womens” but they make them too small and short! Bella and Canvas unisex v neck actually have a really nice shape that aren’t ridiculously teeny and short and are my favourites. But their new tspring site has purple regular neckline in the women sizes…just…add it to vneck in both cut types? :)

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If it helps, I’d love this one: https://inaturalist.threadless.com/designs/inaturalist-logo-bird/mens/longsleeve-t-shirt/performance
in purple (unisex performance long sleeve)

And this one in purple as well https://inaturalist.threadless.com/designs/inaturalist-logo-bird/mens/v-neck


Thanks for the suggestions!

Unfortunately, Threadless doesn’t offer bandanas so we won’t be able to either unless they start offering them. The closest thing they offer is gaiters and masks.



I was able to add heather purple as an option for the v-necks.

Threadless doesn’t have that one in purple, unfortunately.

Unfortunately Threadless doesn’t have any long-sleeved v-necks.

For any of these circumstances where Threadless doesn’t offer what you’d like, you should let them know!


I understand. But, gaiters and masks are not so versatile and useful as bandanas. I think bandanas are much more “outdoorsy”, too.

Thanks for checking on it. :smiling_face:


i would like a long-sleeve shirt with just the bird in the left pocket position – sort of like the old store’s bird front / iNaturalist back shirts, except without the printing on the back – in either heather gray or midnight blue.

if available, i would also buy an extra-soft T-shirt with the same pocket bird design in olive, chocolate, baby blue, or any shade of gray.


Thanks! Are there any brighter colours for the performance long sleeve you could add? blue or green or something? The dark colours are just harder to see in a cave! And hotter outside!

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Last call on the existing store! We’ll take it offline on Monday, July 12 and redirect thereafter to Threadless.

@abhasm is working on this design for Threadless, but we aren’t sure when it will be ready.

Added royal blue performance long sleeve.


It’s pretty cool that you can add new items per request within days (provided it’s offered by Threadless). I’ve been eyeing the stickers. Do they come even smaller than 2"? I’d want to get a bunch of mini ones, ideally.


Unfortunately 2” is the smallest sticker size.

After announcing the new store, we’ll probably move to a much less frequent review and update of products.

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Buttons would be awesome! I have a neon orange vest I usually wear for safety + the extra pockets, and I’ve been adding buttons to it, and I would love to have an iNaturalist one to add! Preferably one with the logo and the name, that way when I’m telling people about iNaturalist they can have a handy visual aid :)