Icon issue on observations page

Platform: Website
Browser: Chrome
URLs of any relevant page: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/swampster
Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: When viewing my “Your Observations” page on the website, I’ve noticed that some of the location pin icons have been replaced with the profile pictures of some of my facebook friends.

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welcome to the forum. please provide more information. first, if you’re still able to reproduce the problem, please open the developer tools in your browser, and take a snapshot of an errors and warnings that show up in the console tab.


  1. did you have Facebook up in the same browser when this problem occurred?
  2. did you trying closing restarting your browser, restarting your machine, clearing your browser cache, etc?
  3. what happens if you view another users observation page? do you get something similar, or is it restricted only to your own profile page?
  4. on the left side of the page, the pictures that seem to have been replaced or are missing are for birds. if you keep going down the list, does the problem continue to occur only for birds?
  5. do you have any extensions running on your browser? (if so, does turning off the extensions resolve the problem?)
  6. do you use a Facebook login to sign into iNaturalist?

@swampster – have you noticed any more instances of the problem you reported here? if not, i’m thinking maybe it was a one-time glitch somewhere, and maybe it’s time to close out this bug report.