Observations not loading, no map

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Neither the map nor individual observations are loading for me in Chrome. The Places of Interest icon spins and spins. However, things do seem to be working in Edge. I can see the observations in the grids and lists but I cannot open individual observations, again in Chrome.

Not seeing any issues in Chrome on my computer. This is https://www.inaturalist.org/observations ? (Please include URLs in bug reports).

Can you please open your browser’s console (View → Developer → Javascript Console) and take a screenshot that includes it? It might contain error reports.

Also might be worth checking your browser extensions.

Resolved the problem, I think. My best guess is being logged into iNat which uses my personal gmail while on a Chrome browser which is synced with my work account, (which is a Google workspace) was causing the issues. I had issues logging into iNat using Google authorization on my work-synced browser prior to that session.

As long as I log into iNat on a browser synced with my personal account, I don’t have problems. Since this is a pretty easy workaround I’m not going to do any more troubleshooting.