ID query 2nd photo obvious mistake

How to handle a obvious mistake of different species on additional photos,
Rogue newbie trying a combo… morning coffee / learning / giving back for super support by Inat users so far. ( 2017 id has a Pacific Crabapple as the default pic and the additional pics are of a different plant. How does one deal with this so as to be an effective ID bottom of the pile sweeper. .) Im a huge new fan and this is a way for me to really help out I think…
optional tag ( new super fan ) Willow Creek Tom.


thanks for helping out!!

If you come across an observation where the subject species is not included in each of the photos and sounds, it’s best to vote “No” to the “Evidence related to a single subject” Data Quality Assessment (DQA) condition and make a comment politely asking the user to split the photos into separate observations for each species. You can also add a disagreeing identification at the ancestor shared by all the species.