Mutiple species in one picture

How do I handle observations where there’s multiple species in the same picture? For example, a butterfly on a plant? Do I create separate observations for each species? Thank you :)


If you want each organism seen on a pic to be ided, yes, you need to upload the same picture as many times as it’s needed (or choose close photos for each species) with different ids, if you’re afraid that species is not well seen, you can also add a cropped version of that photo, so iders won’t be confused as to what to id.


Also useful to add a comment to say which critter/organism in the pic you want an ID for.


What I do is I either crop the image down to the organism being observed like this, or I draw a little circle around it like this.

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and a note or a comment, with a link - this is for the butterfly, the plant is at obs number.
To avoid tangling the IDs.

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Thank you, everyone. :)

I tend to crop or use the notes section to indicate which organism the observation is documenting. Circles and arrows on images are part of the image and that image may be used to train the iNat Computer Vision model. Probably not going to make a difference, but I think it’s best to leave the images unmarked.


I think the best way to deal with these is by duplicating the observation rather than uploading a second copy of the picture. Besides cutting down on the number of images to store on the server, it will link the two observations for that photo together in such a way that if you click the info button on the image, you get links to both observations. Example: Note how this photo page lists two associated observations, one for the butterfly and one for the flower.


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