Ideas for a revamped Explore/Observations Search Page

I tried that on the office computer at work yesterday and it didn’t work for me. I just tried again on my computer at home and it does. Not sure what’s up with that.

Yes, the button / observation locations are pretty inconvenient at present. With my display and browser settings, less than one half of the map area is visible between the observations and the left column of buttons.

The map area also has an aspect ratio of about 3:1, at least using my display and browser. The combination of a very wide aspect ratio and large areas of the map hidden or outside your intuitive focal area make the “redo search in map area” function difficult to use well.

I’ve worked around this frustrating issue a few times by actually resizing my browser window to make the resulting “redo search in map area” polygon squarer or even taller than wide. Not an ideal solution. I’d still like to be able to draw a simple polygon (square or rectangle of dimensions of my choosing) for the “redo”.

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Bacteria, archea and viruses should not included in the “unknown” category in search and on the map, not only does it make no sense but it’s actually actively annoying when your going through unknowns to help them along

You may be interested in this feature request:

You exclude these from unknown searches for the time being.


If you don’t want these to be included, you can replace “iconic_taxa=unknown” in the URL with “identified=false”.


I would really love it if you could sort your species observations by rarity (defined by total number of iNat observations for that species).

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That’s not definitive for rarity, though, I can name tons of fly species that are incredibly common but under observed. Same with leafhoppers.

Instead of “rarity,” using “least observed” would be better.


Agreed. I wanted to get a sense of when butterflies would start appearing in our area as temperatures warm up. I used the list view on the explore screen filtered for butterflies and month of March. When I sorted on the date, the sort is by year, month, day which makes it difficult to find early dates in a month. For the purpose of early and late dates for any species it would be useful to be able to sort by day across all years. With this view you would get a list of, in my example, all March observations starting on March 1 and ending March 31.

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I need a way to preserve filtering options.

I often go to the Explore page and set a search for plants (1) from a specific project involving my area (2), that have photos (3), are in the “needs id”/“research grade” status (4) and are not my observations (5).

It seems that I need to set all these things each time, because no memory of previous uses of the Explore page is preserved.
I wish it could at least remember my last search settings (this is the easier fix) or that there was a simple way to save a particular set of filters for subsequent use (this would be the best feature, because there might be multiple search configurations I would like to use on a frequent basis).


You also can use bookmarks now or save preferred link in you account description.

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I have a folder of iNat bookmarks for when I have tweaked the URL to suit me.

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Thank you. That’s what I would do while on the browser, but my current use of the service is most of the time on the mobile app (Android).

I should have specified that perhaps. :-)

This topic is specifically for the web interface. If you want, you can vote on the existing request for sticky search filters in the app:


It’s been closed after 60 days, etc.

I do that (bookmark specific URL filters), but with an INat journal post. That way it’s tied to the site, and not the local folder in whatever device I am on.

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