Set sticky/default parameters in app's Explore tab

I often use the app to identify in spare moments. I often open the app, tap the menu icon, tap “explore”, tap location field, tap one of the saved locations, and tap the search icon. It doesn’t take an age to accomplish this, but it can take 20 seconds out of a spare minute. Maybe it’s not that long… I just got a new phone that moves a bit faster than my previous one, but still…

I’d like to propose the ability to set default search parameters in the app, so that when you press “explore”, it takes care of the rest. Some of the time, I’d interrupt it to select a different location or taxon, but most of the time it would just start loading the observations.

Or maybe this could fit into an app version of the Identify feature, so that “reviewed” observations disappear?

I agree. It’s so annoying to type the location over and over because every time I back out of something I reviewed, it resets to North America. Cuts down on my desire to give people a running start on their ID. I’m on an iPad and the app and Safari do it. On my Mac, it behaves better, plus I can Open in New Tab.

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@jbecky if you agree, you should consider voting for this request.