Identification in a given locality

I’m using iNat for a while now but I’m still not familiar with more than basic features. Could you tell me if it is possible to search record for identification in a given area which is not one I can type into “locality” window (eg several countries from one continent but not all)? If yes, how to create such area to identify observations within it?

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You can do this via some URL manipulation. Every place on iNat has an identifying number/ID that appears in the URL when you search for that place. For example, if I search for observations from Poland, I get this URL:

so the ID for Poland is 7800.

To ID observations from multiple countries at once, first find all their IDs. So let’s say I want to ID observations from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus at once.

The codes are (respectively) 7800, 8266 and 7578

I now combine them all in the URL like this:,8266,7578

The equivalent link for the Identify tab (rather than Explore tab) is:,8266,7578


Excellent, this was what I needed - thank you!

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