How can I see how many identifications I've done in a particular place and time frame?

I want to find out how many IDs I’ve done so far this year, for observations in my county. But I can only seem to find the ones where the observation was also done this year - I need to see identifications I provided to very old observations as well. Is there any way to do this?

The ident_user_id is the URL query you need for this

The good news is that it is possible with the API.
The bad news is that it can only be done with the API, because the website will only filter date of observation rather than date of identification. Give me a moment to find you a URL.

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This could work if you sort by “date updated”, but it wouldn’t be a precise answer for a given time period

This is displaying a little table. In the second to last column, there’s a number labeled IDs, which is the number of IDs
-made by graysquirrel for others, not on her own observations
-not automatically added due to taxon change
-not withdrawn
-between Jan 1 2022 and midnight on Dec 31 2022

I didn’t try to include your location, but the segment for that is &place_id= Just find out the place number, put it after the equals sign and add the segment to the URL (at the end is fine)

And as always credit to @pisum for the coding that makes this display as a table instead of a wall of text.


Thank you, that’s perfect!

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