Identification questions

Hello again! Here with two more questions for anyone who can help. Sorry again if these have already been asked and answered elsewhere.

I swear I remember seeing an area on the site where you can view the species you’ve identified (similarly to viewing the species you’ve observed, just with IDs), but I seem to have lost it and I don’t know where to look. Does this exist or was I mistaken?

Secondly, what counts as an identification on leaderboards? Is it just any time you add an identification, or do you have to be the first to add that identification?

Hopefully these questions make sense. I had some trouble wording them. If anyone needs clarification let me know.

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I believe it’s any time you add one. It definitely doesn’t need to be the first, because agreeing IDs contribute toward your ID count. I’m not sure if IDs you have for your own observations count towards it, though.


Ah okay. I was just wondering because my count for domestic horses is 61, but I swear I added IDs to more horse observations than that.

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I suspect (though I don’t know for sure) that casual grade observations don’t contribute to the leaderboards. So observations marked “not wild” may not show up in the count.

I may not be understanding correctly, but is one of these what you are looking for?


Edit: from the second link, it looks like you have 357 horse IDs, but only 63 of those observations are “verifiable”.


This helps a bunch, thanks!

It’s probably because a large portion of my horse IDs are captive. That makes sense.

And yes, the second one is what I was talking about!


I think you’re referring to the “reviewed” observations?

Basically, go to the explore page, the “filters” tab, drop down the “more filters” and there is the “Reviewed” tab and press yes.

You can also play around with the other filters like if they are captive or not, and so on. It does include you’re own observations though. I don’t know how to filter it if you only want the IDs you’ve given to others.

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