IDs and comments slow to appear

Last night (for me approx 8 hours ago) I made an ID with a comment on an observation, and I thought it accepted it ok. This morning, I had alerts of comments and IDs (totalling 5) by 2 of the participants in the observation (observer and an IDer). I went to the observation, and none of the 5 alerted comments or IDs was present, nor was my ID/comment. I thought maybe I didn’t commit my ID correctly, but that didn’t explain the missing IDs/comments from the alerts, so I took screenshots and was going to come back to this later in the day. I had refreshed the page in case it was caching an older version of the page in some way. I had put a follow on the observation after I had been tagged by the observer.

Just a few moments ago I got another alert, and this time it was for an ID/comment by what looked to be a new participant (@jonathan142) who I had tagged in my ID comment, which wouldn’t have generated an alert to him. I was curious to see his ID, so I went to the observation, and I was surprised to see the missing 5 IDs/comments as well as my own. I also noticed the earlier ID and comment made just prior to my own, which was not there when I made my ID/comment last night, nor was it there this morning when I checked the missing alerts.

I’m wondering if this is a similar problem to the RG status obs that don’t show subsequent IDs that got them to RG.

The screenshots I took:

Notice also the missing extra photos! This would suggest it’s a caching thing…

and the screenshot of the obs now:

note that the yellow highlighted comments and IDs are the ones that did not appear (at least for me) until after Jonathans ID below them.

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Incidentally, I noticed very similar with that observation (from mobile). I can confirm though that I received the notification. The same comments and IDs as you selected as well weren’t initially visible on the page, but I want to say the content appeared around the time I tapped on the ID box (so before I submitted my own ID).

I hadn’t thought much of it apart from maybe a mobile issue at that time until seeing I wasn’t the only one seeing it.


Thanks Jonathan! I thought I was going crazy…

My alert to you was in an ID comment and those don’t generate alerts (it is possible they fixed that?), so it was probably the original alert from observer that you received. I was more letting the observer know that there was likely enough in the (new) photos to go further, which in hindsight is only marginally the case!

It doesn’t show in my screenshots, but there were extra photos added to the observation (an extra 5 I think), last night they were visible, but this morning I could only see the 3 as in the screenshots, but they are visible now:

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