Activity/Dashboard not updating

It seems like I’m missing at least a dozen new notifications from people who identified my latest observations, both on desktop and mobile. The latest one I see is from two days ago, before I uploaded about 100+ new observations. Does this have to do with me hitting 1500+ observations with the last upload batch?

I wonder if this issue is impacting anyone else, since I’m not seeing anything about it in the forums.

P.S. I’m still seeing new observations from people/taxa I follow.

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I’m not getting notifications of identifications either. I checked my settings to make certain I didn’t inadvertently turn off notifications, but all seemed fine.

So it’s not just me, I originally thought my usual identifier friends were busy watching Game of Thrones since I stopped getting notifications around that time :p

My activity settings right now:
√ Notify me of mentions (e.g. @username)
x Notify me about confirming identifications -> I got at least one conflicting ID a few hours ago so there’s probably something happening site-wide?

That would be my guess. I had one id notification that did not come through last night, and then I saw two this morning (I only uploaded about 7 or 8 observations). I just came to the forums to report the issue when I saw your message. There must be a problem with at least some accounts. Hopefully it will be corrected soon.

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That explains it, thank you!

I know a million people have asked this, but exactly how backlogged are things? I just stumbled upon a few comments on posts I was following that were from more than 29 hours ago, and I still haven’t received official notifications for them. Interestingly, however, I’ve received other notifications for comments/IDs that were made within the last day. Is it possible that some notifications will just never come through, or are they being both backlogged and jumbled out of chronological order?

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I have noticed a few out of order too, and memories of past events of scale would suggest it does happen. Think of it like rush hour, and someone who left after you but going to the same place, may get there first just by not getting caught in a congested lane.

Cheers Mark, as long as I get them all eventually it’s sweet. I just didn’t want to miss an important notification, e.g. someone tagging me and asking for help, and leave them in the lurch.

I occasionally miss-click in the alerts dropdown (I open in new tabs), and lose a whole bunch of them, especially if there are 30+… I come across some that I have missed later on, and others have done so to some of mine too. It is something the regular users are aware of, and so are understanding of it. New users however might not. We have a feature request in for improving the notifications system. Hopefully that will lead to a fix.

I also experience the problem of my dashboard only partially updating; I especially miss information on updates from naturalists I follow.

there were literally a million observations in the last 7 days.
which is way way beyond what has ever happened before.
So i am guessing things are very, very backlogged.
It is indeed a frustration for those of us who aren’t participating, especially those of us who really can’t because of the timing. But it does get more people to iNat.