If you want to compare yourself with a few animals, which would you prefer and why?

I would compare myself to a Bear,Aye-aye and a Panda
myself to a bear - I am quite a lot hairy
myself to an Aye-aye - When I find a insect I go close to it with my eyes wide open :rofl:
myself to a Panda - I am foodie and a vegetarian


you know when I see myself in mirror, I wish
I could be
patient as a heron
social as elephant
silent as a tree
fast as a odonate
brotherhood as that in pack of wolves
intelligence of spider
beauty of a hornbill
strength of the ant
and Yeah I like to fly like a black kite above the clouds, seeing the small kids playing outside, as when I glide through warm winds, feeling the warmth of sun, and after sometime I end up eating some dead animals flesh and eating my part and then coming to my nest, in my way through I can see the sunsetting, rose ringed parakeet shouting crazywhen passing, and then I see humans in there vehicles with light on going to there home too, feral pigeons roaming all around me, brown headed barbet giving its last evening call, a bunch of kids coming home after playing cricket, I see them dusty, and then I realize I am too close to them so I try to fly up and tired kids exclaim with joy.
I found out I am not alone who is going home, there are cattle egrets also who are flying near me, and then I can see my nest on a long eucalyptus tree and then I rest down there, ohh shit I forgot to mention my chicks were waiting for me so that I bring food for them, but their momma bird bring the food for them and now there are 2 black kites screaming at each other and bunch of slum kids are wondering what’s happening up there


If I could retain my consciousness, I’d like to be anything that lives around deep sea vents! Otherwise, it’s just life as normal.


I can compare myself to:

  • Wandering Albatross – because I am restless and do not like to settle in one place (The theme song to my life is “Like a Bird,” by Nelly Furtado.)
  • Cat – Because like Kipling’s “Cat Who Walks by Himself,” I am okay being friends with the right people, but also quite happy in my own company.
  • Hemeroblemma opigena – Because of my predilection for chocolate.

Just a chicken, because I have chicken children. :crazy_face: :joy:

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