Imac w/ IOS 10.14.5 crashing while using iNaturalist

Last week I got the frozen screen and curser while trying to add text to a Comment.
Today, while doing the search below, the same thing happened while scrolling through the lists of Observations. It seemed to occur after I returned to the list of Observations after clicking on the Observation to see details. The first 2 times the computer returned to working order after a few minutes, but the third time it did not resolve. I got the spinning wheel and after ten minutes shut the computer down.
This is an iMac running IOS 10.14.5

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Hi Philip,
Can you add which browser and browser version you were using when this happened? It is almost surely a browser-specific problem. Thanks!

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Firefox 68.o.2

an IMac would not be running IOS, but rather macOS

sorry about that. It is Mac OS

@philipjohnson I’m trying to replicate with the same Mac OS and browser version on my MacBook Air but I haven’t experienced any problems so far. I’ll keep trying. Please post if you experience this again along with the conditions to the best of your recollection. Thanks!

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for trying. It has only happened once since my first post. As I recall, I may have had multiple screens open to iNaturalist, if that make any difference.

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I don’t think I’ve had iNat crash my computer, and I have an iMac and use FF. I do have a good amount of RAM, however, for video editing.