iOS app crashing

Platform: iOS 12.4 (wow I’m way behind :wink:)

App version number: 3.0.4, build 607

Description of problem:

Preface: Earlier today, I added a new photo to an old observation, but the observation wouldn’t upload, so I updated the app.

Than I noticed others were having issues with the app crashing due to a new format, so I followed the steps outlined in that thread. By deleting the app and re-downloading it.

When I redownloaded the app I signed in, and everything appeared to work normally…

I went out to make some observations today, the FIRST observation uploaded successfully!

However than I clicked on add picture for the next observation which was successful, when I selected choose from library the app crashed. I repeatedly tried clicking new observation, and it when I selected choose from library, it continued to crash each time.

So I decided to try deleting the app again, like the first time, ONLY the FIRST observation uploaded. After that I ran into the same issue as before.

I took a screenshot video of the issue, but am unable to share it here.

I have probably 100 observations from today that I am eager to upload!

Can you send the video to with a link to this report?

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Just sent the video to that email

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Thanks for the video. What sort of photo access permission does iNaturalist have?

I’d also recommend updating to the latest version of iOS if you can. Is your device too old to run iOS 14?

Photo Access, is Read and Write

I tend to like to hold off on OS updates in general, though I am probably due to move up to 13.


Thanks. I would recommend updating your device and seeing if it’s still not working.

Is there anything we can do with it still on iOS 12.4? I talked to apple about upgrading to 13.7, but they said you can only get 14.1 at this point, and I’m not ready to make that jump just yet.

I don’t have an iOS 12 device anymore, but I can debug iOS 12 is with the iOS simulator.

I’ll follow your steps tomorrow and see if I can reproduce and fix it. I’ll check in tomorrow either way.


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Hi Jonah,

I haven’t been able to reproduce your crash, but I did find a crash report that seems to be related to the Gallery 3rd party library we’re using as a photo picker (which is used only in pre-iOS 14 devices). Curiously, the crash only happens on iOS 12. Since the problem seems to be between this 3rd party library and iOS 12, the fix isn’t immediately obvious.

Since I cannot reproduce the bug in the simulator, I was wondering if you’d be willing to beta test one or two builds of the iNaturalist iOS app to help me debug & fix the problem? If so, please email me at and I’ll send you instructions.

Best wishes,


First of all, I’m more than willing to beta test, I sent an email earlier this morning.

Second, I just found another complexity to this issue. After editing a picture of a great blue heron, I wanted to update the picture on an observation from earlier this week.

So on my iPhone XS with iOS12.4
1st: I clicked on the observation of the Great Blue Heron (
2nd: I clicked edit
3rd: I clicked the add picture button
4th: I clicked from camera roll (IT DID NOT CRASH)
5th: I clicked the photo, than done
6th: The photo saved

Now to make sure the whole app hadn’t just started working again, I decided to try uploading an observation. It CRASHED in the same place it normally does.

So essentially I have now found two conditions at which you can upload photos into the app,
#1 being: only the first observation after download
#2 being uploading a new photo to a previous observation

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The releasenotes of iNaturalist is not clear to me. I have iOS 13.4.1 and Inaturalist 3.0.4 and sometimes it is crashing, much less as with iNaturalis 3.0.3 of 3.0.2. If i had known, but i could NOT i would have stayed to the version i had 2 years ago because after that it only got worse, for example by loosing my multi photo picker en loosing my full screen due to the presense of a year time report which I do not really need and might be nice to see it once on the website. As you see i will not use the stats tab very much on the app…

All i want is a stable version and not new features (I think but i do not know what i miss). currently is crashes sometimes

Have you updated to the latest version, 3.0.6? It has more crash fixes. If a specific action causes a crash, please provide a detailed bug report so we can investigate it.

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No, i did not. But what has changed ? And how can i be informed by updates (by emaiil) ? I just want to have a stable version which i lost .
Is there a forum of githup ?

But how do i know that the udate is not worse than what i have now ? I have IOS 13.4 and now iNaturalist 3.0.6 but will not use the app not that much these days. But if i do it should just work and not crash. That is the only thing i have interest in. New features not really necessary