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and move this post into that one. For those of us that don’t have a place to upload images to, this has proven to be the best method. I used to upload them to an iNat observation, copy the url and then remove it from the observation, but iNat now go through and remove orphaned images.

Cryptaranea atrihastula vs C. subcompta

The forum is not a place for hosting images to be used elsewhere. We pay a subscription fee for it every month and there is a storage limit to our subscription. I’d recommend using a third party like Imgur or Flickr if you want to post images to iNat. I’ll write this on that thread as well, I’m sorry it was never explicitly stated.


There are a number of free image hosting options out there. Some with limits, others without or with minor ones,

You might consider Imgbox, unlimited photos, 10mb max per image. Very simple format and you don’t need to make an account.

I prefer a Flickr account, but the free one is limited to 1000 images (size doesn’t really matter). For a minor annual fee you get unlimited storage.

Ones based on an account like Flickr are better in my opinion because you can organize the images in the account.

Instagram is also an option, as is Facebook (change your settings to allow high resolution image uploads otherwise FB will compress your images to an absurd amount).


There are many image hosting options out there on the internet, I’ve used Gyazo and Snipboard as well.

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