Thread for uploading images for use in iNaturalist comments

Fun rookie skills:

I just learned how to embed online images in comments and discussions on (Via the handy “tips and tricks” tutorial on inserting html code into comments.)

However, since there’s no built-in way to upload a new image directly into a comment, I figured a handy work-around would be to upload the image to the iNaturalist Forum first, then add a link to that image in my comment on

It’s a handy tip, so I thought I’d share it with any other iNaturalist rookies.

Here’s the image I want to include in my comment:

Now, I can paste the html code into my comment. Voila: an image in my comment on!


expanded and lightened subject of is


The format I used in the comment is < img src=“the whole link from copy image address operation on the photo here, in quotes” > where the spaces on the insides of < and > are removed.

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Nice work, lotteryd!

I hope the enhanced photo helps you with your identification!

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Eriophora pustulosa showing pustules, for illustrating in observations


Lampona cylindrata (South Island, NZ) vs Lampona murina (North Island, NZ)

pohanginapete’s in side-by-side:

Sidymella observation ? S. angularis
closeup of carapace ridge shadow

Trying to figure out some red maids here

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Looks like this thread closed automatically, but please don’t use the forum as a place to host images, I should have stated that explicitly here when this thread started. We pay Discourse a monthly subscription fee, and we are allotted a certain amount of storage space for the forum. Images posted to the forum should be posted for forum use only.