Image metadata missing

I used to be able to see a lot more image metadata when looking at observations via the website…things like camera focal length, aperture, etc. Has this changed recently?


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Nothing changed, just not every uploaded file has all EXIF info or any at all.

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I am mostly referring to my own images. The same images that used to show the exif information no longer do, across all of my observations.

I lied, I found at least 1 of my images that is showing the exif. Perhaps the iNaturalist iPhone app is stripping it out prior to upload. The exif is definitely in the images before I upload it through the app. I’ll have to upload the same image via the web interface to see if it gets preserved that way.

So it’s on the app? Could you link an observation where there’s no exif when you’re sure it should be there and maybe a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the app?

I noticed this too actually, but have no details except I upload photos in the wild from a phone to the app.

Sure, here is one I uploaded through the app the other day:

Here is the link to it on the server:

I am running iOS 15 at the time i took that screen shot, but it was iOS 14 when I actually uploaded it a couple of weeks ago.

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We don’t get (or least don’t save) much EXIF in the iOS app. So it’s not a new thing, it’s related to the iOS application.

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If you want that data while using iphone, you could try emailing yourself the photos or downloading them from icloud, then uploading via the iNat website.

I assume this is a design choice, since you are already sending up the geo portions of the exif, correct? Or is there some technical hurdle to getting it? My workflow is to take photos with my nice camera, send them wirelessly to my iPhone, and then upload them from the iPhone to iNaturalist via the app. This certainly isn’t a major issue, but it would be nice if the behavior was consistent across platforms.

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Why don’t you use website on computer if you are already using it in this workflow?

Adding to suggestions by bdagley and melodi_96 – you’ll be amazed how much more you can do on iNaturalist using a browser. Give it a try!

The computer is not part of my workflow. Sorry if I explained it poorly.

Ah, but still, it would help with this metadata problem and probably many others! If you have an easy access to one of course.

Indeed, that is a path forward. Would still be nice to see the metadata get uploaded from the app though if it’s not too much work. Like I mentioned they are already pulling the geo so they must have access to it from iOS.


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