Images on the login screen

Not gonna lie, I purposefully don’t allow my device to remember my login just so I can see the INCREDIBLE photography on the login screen! It’s the highlight of my online experience every day.

Whomever chose those images, GREAT JOB!

Okay… I’m done fangirling.


Well, my laptop does remember my login, but I still have to click on the login button each time. So I get to see the images each time, too.

The great thing about those images is that they are pictures taken by iNat observers. Wouldn’t that be something, to get a picture exquisite enough to be chosen?


If you’re taking photos more from the photography/art perspective than the observation perspective that goes a long way. Other than that, getting a good shot of something that’s not often observed (yet) and getting lucky enough for it to be seen by the right people and picked (this is more random and where the luck comes in), are the other parts.

I was lucky and had one chosen a while back, but as more and more people join iNat I suspect it gets less and less likely for any given person’'s image to be picked.


What image of yours was chosen? That’s great!!!

It’s mostly been iNat staff who’s chosen them (they’re all in this project), and mostly me since I post observations of the day. There are so many good photos on iNat that obviously there are thousands upon thousands of great photos that aren’t in the Log In Photos project.

One limiting factor is that the photo needs to look good in the potrait orientation and aspect ratio used on the log in page.

For iNat Network nodes, only obserations from that country are shown on the log in/sign up pages


Looks like it was actually an 'image of the day", but it was this one of a mudskipper in the area I’m working in:


Five degrees of separation: one of those login screen images is the Waiter Daggerwing. The observer, hydaticus was a labmate of mine in grad school (East Carolina, which he doesn’t mention on his profile).


That mudskipper is an awesome photo! I love those little guys!


Thanks. Unfortunately, this specific spot was destroyed by tourism development a couple of years later. It was in an area we couldn’t protect as it’s outside of the national park and in a part of the biosphere reserve that’s set aside for development.

It’s technically illegal to destroy mangrove areas here without special permission from the prime minister, but local governments take developer’s money and do whatever they want.


Is there any way to see the photos without having to log off?

I would really like to see them without having to have my browser forget my login information…


Might that be a choice we can toggle in our settings? When we get to ZA I would still like to see the world wide biodiversity - including the weird bunch of pipe cleaners spidery creature and its all head with legs cousin :face_with_peeking_eye:

@amybirder the project that tiwane linked to above


Projects are a great way to find good photos if that’s something you’re interested in seeing. The log-in photos are all in this group, but I’d like to suggest a few more projects you may enjoy:

Also, you probably know this already but sorting by favs-descending is also a great way to find nice photos. Though there are lots of underrated gems out there too that just don’t get as much attention :)


Are Log in Photos only for unique species or will we be seeing mallard there when it hits 300,000 observations, for example?

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Even more projects here: What are your favorite projects?

Topic made by you, which is an unofficial roster of engaging and interesting projects, I think.


I know this is probably a violation of copyright, but I often take a screenshot of the opening photo and post it on my FB page. The photos are so beautiful and so many people don’t know about iNaturalist, I feel like I am doing a public service. I hope I am not simultaneously committing a crime. I ALWAYS include the part that says who took the photo and where.

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well I took a photo of the cover of a book and then I looked inside the first page and I realized I couldn’t use it because of copyright rules.

You can click on the image to go to the observation.
Then share that link to Facebook. Especially if your intention is to promote iNat to your circle. My FB footprint is littered with iNat links :smile:

A screenshot loses all the info we have on iNat - observer, location, date, and the links across iNat. It also presents ‘this photo as mine’ on FB NotAFanofScreenshots

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So, not every observation of the day appears there?

No, and not all observations in the Log In Photos project are observations of the day.


Please forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I have noticed that the photos on the splash page, while beautiful, are also somewhat repetitious. Are they submitted or requested?