Implement more filtering tools for Casual grade observations

Formalizing my request from this post

Categories of the Casual section could be broken down usefully to add identifications (and/or to fix glitches) on Casual-grade records of interest. Preferred first choice to exclude from my perspective: Unknown place or date. Filtering might be achieved by extra filter checkboxes being added to the filtering pane of the Identify modal; or by letting flags’ status be queried via elements that would go into a search url.

-Unknown place and/or date [already doable, see below]
-marked date and/or location Not Accurate
-marked No/No recent evidence of organism
-marked Can’t be improved
-Unlabeled records by users who have opted out of Community ID
-Records with Copyrighted Media Removed

Note: “Cultivated” subset is already filterable, see

Update:“Unknown date” subset can already be removed, see

Update: Most of “Unknown location” subset can be removed? see

To look for Casual Unknowns that are not Captive and missing a lot of the broken elements, therefore use this chunk in a search url:


To search for the Captive side, just switch to captive=true to give:


BTW if adding searchability by flags, refinement by adding searchability by flag user may have its upsides in being able to find and fix sets made by a “vandal”, or by someone misunderstanding or repeatedly misclicking on a flag. (Downside of that though could be increasing chance of interpersonal conflict between people with strong opinions on a particular flag.)

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what do you mean by flag?

Each time someone ticks a DQA box like the ones in these examples, I think of that as a “flag”. But, I don’t know the terminology the site builders actually use, so feedback is welcome from that side.

-marked No/No recent evidence of organism
-marked Can’t be improved


Just crossposting some answers to these for easier findability in the future:

Casual Unknowns, excluding some broken elements, that are not captive

That are captive:

(looks like it’s just a couple hundred difference from the bounding box links above)


I have found that the geo=false or =true chunk still doesn’t respectively pull up or exclude a strange set that are captured by the bounding box urls I have above, but still have blank coordinates and report a “Location Unknown” map.

However, this tiny bounding box can fish them up. Here’s everything whether 0,0 or blank:

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