Implement Standard Marine Places for the world's oceans

I’ve added more EEZs for network member countries but adding large and/or observose places continues to be an infrastructure burden.

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It would be helpful to be able to identify marine fish related to each ocean. There was a recent post which discussed the number of “needs id” for observations in iNat. For areas where there is an easy way to find all marine fishes, the “needs ID” is much smaller - I think people are easily able to pull up fish in the area and identify them.

Also, has marine regions organized by the fish that are found there. Maybe something like this is a start? They also have smaller areas within each region that have similar fish.

I’m adding my voice in agreement to this. The bias towards terrestrial regions makes efficient ID’ing difficult for marine biologists using iNaturalist. I think a good start would be just listing the major world oceans as regions (including a few miles inshore as a lot of obs are not perfectly accurate location-wise). That would be very helpful to marine biologists. I basically create my own regions through place-by-place filtering, but many places offshore don’t have a region to filter out. As joe_fish indicated, I can’t just draw a rectangle around the Caribbean for example and exclude the Pacific Ocean from Central American obs, so I have to do it place-by-place and just accept that some Pacific obs slip though because they aren’t assigned to any region. And that’s true for any oceanic search. I can already filter by continent. It’s only logical to be able to filter by ocean.

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