Creating 'places' for coastal regions

Hi. I’m working with a variety of partner organizations who need a project that collects data on sick or dead birds on beaches of North, Central, and South America.

If I filter by taxa, I can include all most likely birds, but might be missing interesting stories of ?songbirds washing up on beaches? etc.

If I filter by place, coasts are not currently included in the list, and the creation of a places to match exceeds the size of Texas.

Suggestions or help is appreciated. Here is the project as it stands right now:

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You may be interested in this feature request:

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thanks @thomaseverest , going through the thread it looks unresolved for ocean regions. Is the question any easier for shorelines?

You don’t need to create one big place for the whole coast: create many smaller places, use them all in a project.

I don’t think so. I would guess creating polygons for coastline is more difficult than open ocean.

A project I created for something similar.
Only way I could think to narrow it down.

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