In search of co-project admin for adding arctic places

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I’m in search of a few people familiar with projects and community curated places to help add community curated places (CCPs) to a project I’m developing. I want to create projects for large scale biomes for teacher use. Rather than create a massive community curated place and crash iNaturalist I’m adding CCPs in the right areas to the project.

You can see my example for the first project Arctic Biomes. Finding all the CCPs above the Arctic Circle and adding them to the Project is quite the task and is taking more time than I have. If you have the time and interest to help with this, I could add you as a project admin.

Let me know

Hi Anne! Is there any reason you want to use community curated places but not Standard Places? I think either would work, provided they don’t span biomes. Just wanted to clarify.

Definitely I want to use standard places but in regards to the Arctic at least the standard place size might be too large for some regions. The places need to be above 66 N Latitude to qualify as Arctic.


You find all observations above 66N like so:

I’m not sure whether or not that can be turned into a collection project.

i don’t understand the advantage of having a project in this case. if you’re ultimately just trying to find observations above 66 deg N, then couldn’t you just query for those observations using a bounding box? (ex.

again, i don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but it may also be worth noting that the kind of web map that iNaturalist uses by default doesn’t really handle extreme N or S latitudes very well.

if you really need the iNaturalist places, there are only a little over 30K observations in the Arctic. you could use the API to get a distinct list of encompassing places for those observations and then filter for just community curated places.

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I think arctic is just one example…


A little more clarification

My ultimate goal is to create a series of projects, one for each major biome. So the Arctic biome will eventually morph into the tundra, and then we have deserts, alpine, grasslands, tropical rainforests and temperate rainforests, boreal forest and temperate forest.

I have chosen the project view instead of a bounding box to make it easier for teachers who may have little to no experience with iNat to use the data.

I’ll keep playing with this idea. I might have to scale it back to sample sites withing the biomes.


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