Importing photos in guides partly broken

I think this was mentioned last year in the google group.

When you go to import photos you can never get a second page of photos, ie the “Next” page button does nothing even when there are clearly many pages of photos out there.
So you can only select from very few images.

I also seem to remember that when you first loaded the import page it would populate the window with the first page of photos, now you always need to hit the ‘search’ button. (not a big problem, but might be related to the first problem).

– Tony

(sorry: a point of clarity. What do you mean by “importing photos in guides”?. Is this a feature of guides?: - like this

  • I am not aware how to import photos: I thought that they were automatically assigned?)

Edit guide, edit taxon:

Import photos, try to click “Next” to view 2nd page, nothing happens:

oh: you click on the taxon name (rather than use the dropdown Edit button).
Cool - thanks: very useful.

[offtopic: I just tried to create a guide tutorial here, but it tells me that I have already created the maximum number of guides on my first day (even though this is a new day in my timezone ;-). Presumeably the limit is 0 on the first day. But you can see my guide to guides at]
[edit: Tutorial added:]

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I want to mention that Guides are presented “as is” and will likely not be updated at all. Please see: I’ve updated the About the Bug Reports Category topic to reflect this.