Can't select a picture to add to the Taxon Page

I would like to select this 3rd picture from this observation:

But it is not available for selection, to add it in the taxon page:

(Only the 1st picture of this set of 4 picture can be selected).


I have that dropdown at
Photos from
set to Research Grade.

I have a long list of photos to choose from. That toggle was reset to Research Grade a while back. By request here in the Forum.

I didn’t see it in the full list of RG photos, but that’s not the issue anyway. If you enter the observation number in the search box (as in the screenshot above), it should return all the photos from that observation.


Thank you for checking and confirming.

I just tried again, and it’s still the same.

kueda put in a fix for this one:


Super! Thanks!

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