Improve wording of IDs created by taxon changes

When observation IDs are updated due to a taxon name change, the new IDs automatically added by the system currently read, for example, “jdmore suggested an ID,” even though the identifier usually had no hand in suggesting that particular ID. Example:

Whether or not the identifier agrees with the change, this wording is misleading, and may be off-putting to the identifier, even though it is followed by “This ID was added due to a taxon swap.” (It is even more misleading for merges and splits.)

Instead of “jdmore suggested an ID,” it would be more accurate to say something like “iNaturalist updated jdmore’s suggested ID.” (The additional “This ID was added due to a taxon swap” with link to the taxon change should be kept as-is.)

In addition, the original IDs are changed to “ID Withdrawn,” also implying an action by the identifier that they did not actually initiate. It would be more accurate to say “ID Updated by iNaturalist.” (The history of previous IDs should definitely be retained as it currently works.)

This has bugged me occasionally also. Not a big deal, but @jdmore’s suggestions seem straightforward to implement and would definitely be an improvement.