INat asking for google photos access on every google auth login

Platform (Android, iOS, Website):
Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) :
Chrome, although I don’t think its browser related

Description is pretty clear - INat asks for Google photos permission every time I log in. That, of course, results with google Security Alert email message.


I can’t recreate this issue, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

Yes, I don’t think it has anything to do with my browser, but my account. It’s happening since I’ve registered here.

Here is another user with same issue:


I get the exact same issue: if I close my browser I have to log in again with my Google Account, and if I do that I have to reauthorise iNat to have access to Google Photos. Which of course triggers the Security Alert email.

Ohh, I didn’t realize you log in with your Google account. That is an important tidbit of information it would have been nice to know earlier.

I have this issue as well. Hadn’t found a way to word it as nicely.

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It’s kind of annoying to have to reauthorize every time I log in. I suspect this is a Google issue, not an iNat issue, though.

But why would INat need permissions for my google photos at first place? At the end, you upload photos manually, not from google photos…

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I have this problem as well. Anyone found a solution? I also get a security warning from Google every time I log in.

No solution yet. If possible, I’d recommend creating a password and logging in using your username/email address and password rather than rely on a third party like Google. Relying a third party means that if it goes down (like Facebook did last week) it can prevent you from logging in, plus there are permissions issues. I personally use a third party password manager for my passwords, but you can also save them in your browser and in iOS and Android.