iNat being seen as "top 10 on the google search"

When I type any species name on google search engine, I do not find “links of it in the Inaturalist” in the first page of the google search.
I see other portals showing their pages of that particular taxon.
What can be done?

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Some species do show up in the first few hits on Google, perhaps mostly species that aren’t mentioned much elsewhere. For example, I searched for “Plastocorypha vandicana” on Google just now and iNaturalist has the 5th search result.

This totally depends on how much the species is known and talked about. For example, there might be dozens of other portals showing up in the Google search for “Northern cardinal” before iNat will because it’s such a well-known bird


I actually strike the opposite problem. When I am googling a species, I am usually looking for resources OUTSIDE of iNat, and all I get are links to iNat obs! I don’t remember seeing any taxa pages showing up as the search results, so maybe that is what you mean?


I get this “too many iNat hits” issue too on occasion. Notably, google normally does tailor your search results to your known browsing habits, so that if you are a heavy iNat user, you should expect to see some hits in the results over time.


If you search Incognito you can avoid Google ‘showing you what you expect to see’ As in lots of iNat if you are a habitual user.

I still see old records from iSpot instead of the newer obs from iNat.


You can add “-inaturalist” to modify your google search query to exclude any results that also include the word “inaturalist” - which keeps iNat out of the results.

For example, typing Plastocorypha vandicana -inaturalist into Google should return only links outside of iNat.


I will try this route and will let you know.

For the more paranoid among us, you can also turn off Google’s tracking of your search history and browsing habits

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