First pictures of a particular taxon on the web, not yet a result in Google Search, how we can "accelerate" this?

As I collect insects and classify them I’m glad to show the features in pictures useful for future determinators in this site. Sometimes they are the first pictures of a particular species depicted on the web. Unfortunately they don’t easily appear on Google Search. It seems other portals like blogspot, flickr, facebook, etc are more easily detected and Google Search shows them on the results page…
Is there any way to accelerate the Google AI to improve the species findings in iNaturalist?

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If you’re willing to use a compatible license, you should consider posting them to Wikimedia Commons:

iNaturalist has never had great results in Google searches in my experience; if you have an actionable feature request you can submit one here: #feature-requests


Thanks @bouteloua , It was easy to upload pictures at Wikipedia. And will do the request. :-)


That’s because they’re not SEO. :grin:

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Sorry if I don’t explain well as english is not my modern language.
As I wrote before is for me very important people can have access to detailed pictures of a particular taxon (specially small insects not easily recognizable with photographs in vivo) to compare and identify them, similarly to what it means to have a reference collection to compare.
The problem is that using Google Search engine, the results rarely appear on iNaturalist (even if looking to the 2nd or 3rd page at Google results).
So it seems the best I can do is to upload them to Wikipedia, Flickr and so on.

I have an another example of what I mean:
Some weeks ago I uploaded in iNaturalist the first pictures of Tipula cataloniensis, and now is the second search result at Google:
Curiously, the link is from the ecuador page !
Even this insect only lives only in Spain!

So now the question is: how we can improve so Google Search engine finds a particular observation here, the same that it easily finds it at ?

The message above was written answering to @tiwane, as he wrote he did’nt understand it well and he didn’t find it a priority for iNaturalist platform to improve in that sense.

As I said in my message, this is something we’ve discussed and we have some ideas for how to improve SEO for iNaturalist, but we have a limited number of resources (aka staff) and there are other priorities related to site functionality and scaling that we are working on before turning to SEO.

If anyone has concrete suggestions for things we can do to improve iNaturalist rankings in search results (eg “Add code X to taxon pages”), then please make a new request in #feature-requests.

I agree this is confusing, all of our network sites like draw from the same central database and information like locations of the taxon, etc, are all available on the Ecuador site. So while I think it’s a problem, it doesn’t seem to be a big one, in my opinion.

What is SEO? (this is in spanish)
In english:

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Thanks @tiwane for your answer. I have not much idea on informatics but I thought somebody in the team could have an idea.

Thank you, Ill have a look when I get home

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