iNat in the news: monitoring the Australian bushfire recovery

In The Guardian: Birds, insects, animal poo: citizen science search for data to make sense of bushfire devastation

“Australians are being asked to join a mass citizen science program to photograph how the nation’s habitats and wildlife are responding in the wake of the unprecedented bushfire crisis.”

This is great stuff. And be sure to welcome the newcomers!


Yep it’s a great one :)

For anyone sending out a welcome, could you possibly leave a message similar to this if applicable:

"welcome to iNat :)

I assume you joined to help out with the bushfire regen project. If so could you head to here:, join the project, and add your observations to it."

A lot of the newcomers are adding observations without realising they also need to manually add them to the project


It’s too bad the links in the Guardian article don’t go to as they recently joined the iNaturalist Network. I’d recommend using when reaching out to Australian residents.

But yes, I’ve seen a spike in interested about this on our social media and our support email, it’s great!


That’s a good point about the iNatAU link, definitely a shame I passed over this in the Guardian piece. I’ll update the link on the UNSW webpage and everywhere else it can be edited. We’ll get some clear step by step instructions out today to hopefully curb some of the new user hiccups. Thanks :-)


No worries, you’ve got a lot on your plate! And let us know if you need help with any outreach materials or have questions.

Featured on the ABC too-


I read about this project via that link. Great project.

Details of this awesome project came through on my Twitter feed (not from Guardian), so I retweeted to help it gain some traction.

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