iNat link at top of forum page

Hi all,
As someone who enjoys the Forum and reading the many varied thoughts and experiences of fellow iNat users, I often go down a rabbit hole of reading many topics. This is a good (great) diversion which I enjoy immensely. Having said that, when I do so, I find myself wishing there was a link right on top in the Forum banner which would take me right back to iNat. I realize it’s at the bottom, but sometimes you have to scroll a while if it is a long thread, whereas the banner is always right there. Thoughts?


well, not for everyone:

(since there’s been no action to add the link for the dark theme in a long time, as far as i can tell, i would bet that links elsewhere on the page will not be implemented any time soon either.)

UPDATE: the solution for this other thread ( may provide a solution for this thread, too:

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