iNat mentioned in a NZ article


Ministry for Primary Industries?

They are responsible for NZ’s biosecurity, among other things.


Are those pigeons really so much more common or people just like observing them? That’s such a huge gap between #1 and #2!

I believe the latter. They are quite cool, therefore observers are attracted to them.


The annual Great Kererū Count fed their data into iNaturalist. Even without this, they’re probably the most common bird people would stop to appreciate.


I think it’s a good article that touches on some good points.
There’s a few emerging weeds (some planted accidentally in revegetation projects) in my part of the world that probably wouldn’t have known about for years if it wasn’t for iNaturalist


Quite common in some places but unusual in others. They are quite big and obvious, and beautiful birds. They are noisy and heavy when they fly so they draw attention to themselves. They are often sitting still in trees or are so busy stuffing their beaks with food they are easy to photograph and ID.


Thank you, I guess it’s also the effect of annual count, it has x4 observations as the next Tui, I checked a few countries and first 2-3 birds surprisingly often have pretty similar stats, hope all NZ birds will get more and more observations!

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