iNat Milestones

Ohhh I love orchids! It sounds like you are having a great time exploring a new place!

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Just saw I’m the top observer for common and black-headed gulls! First one seems to be very underobserved. Would have more bird species if @mashat wasn’t so good at mapping local birds.)


My one-year anniversary of joining iNaturalist is this Friday, which is a fun milestone. Thank you to everyone who’s made it an enjoyable and educational experience, from @tiwane and the staff who run this amazing, free website to all the identifiers, curators, and observers who contribute. I’ve learned so much from all of you about the flora and fauna in my own backyard and worldwide.

Late night moth watching in 2021 - Pseudanarta singula


You’ve had an incredibly busy year! Congratulations and Thank You!

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I just passed 50,000 observations last weekend!


I passed 70k observations recently, and I’m getting quite close to 4,000 species!
I’m also just over a month away from 4 years on iNaturalist, it’s been so amazing to watch this community grow over the years - thank you so much to everyone who keeps iNat running and makes it the awesome place it is!


I just hit 3600 obs today. I went over 1000 species a month or two ago, I think; I’m at 1018 as of today. The more I observe, the more interesting the world gets!


Wow, and a lot of contributions to IDing. Thanks so much!


My 100,000th identification:


:raised_hands: well done, you! and, it is such a gorgeous and stately bird

Nicely done!

My milestone: most observations for a single “place” in the shortest time.

My 82 observations for the Dominican Republic were collected over two periods of several months each. Now, having just taken a week’s vacation in French Polynesia, I find that I have uploaded 85 observations from there, and French Polynesia now stands as the country where I have made the most observations – all from a single, intense week.


You visit such interesting places, you should post more, 80 observations is what you can do in an hour, we need your data.

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I just came back from two months of house-sitting in the south of France. I didn’t have a car (or bike), so my foraging area was rather limited. All my observations went into the collection project of Biodiversity of Auvergne-Rhône-Alps and I just realised that out of 13,405 observers I’ve “earned” a respectable 41st place with 628 observations and 65th with 238 species (and I’m not into plants).


Maybe it’s what you can do in an hour. My work flow is different.

Well, physically everyone can do much more that that, but that’s not the point, it’s to help underrepresented areas to get current data that can be soon lost, help many species get into cv, etc.


It really depends and I think everyone should be free to just work at whatever pace feels comfortable to them. Taking that many pictures in an hour, no problem. I can easily do that. But I usually spend a couple of minutes per plant to take multiple pictures from different angles, with different magnification etc., so 80 observations may be 300+ images for me, and it takes me 6-8 hours to download them from the camera and process them all, looking up IDs using my field guides etc. So it will likely be two days before all of it is posted to iNat, longer if I’m too busy with work or other stuff. People uploading straight to iNat from their phones with one picture per obs and without ever opening a key or field guide will of course be a lot faster. But for me, it’s more about the discovery and learning experience than just documenting as much as fast as possible.


Again, I don’t know why that part brought attention to it, I just wrote it would be great if people who visit loctions that are not visited by many other iNatters, would observe more as they bring something that can’t be replaced as there’s nobody to do that. I didn’t write it as something to now make a competition on how many obs we need to do per hour, and please let’s not go to place where people observing fast are having a lesser experience.


I think it might be a “lost in translation” moment… your comment could be read as a serious request (and a slight criticism) while you probably meant it as “You would love to see mor from there” ?

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I’ve had a very productive time recently. After hitting 500 observations a little over 2 weeks ago, I’ve now reached 600 observations and 300 species!