What are your personal iNaturalist goals for 2020?

As the new year approaches, I’m starting to think of things I want to look for in the next year.
I probably won’t be able to travel much, so I’m looking through the checklists of my county and making lists of what I might be able to track down.

What are your iNat goals for the next year?


I want to form a local iNat group on my campus so I’m not iNatting on my own all the time!


I will finally get a slide scanner and start going through countless animal and plant slides from the 1980s and 90s to see what’s worth digitizing and uploading to iNat.


Well, I just completed my goal of hitting 2000 species before the start of 2020 last weekend (going by the number I get going to the “your observations” explore page and clicking “observers” and checking the species count there, which seems to be the most stringent count).

At this point my iNat species count includes probably >80% of the flora of the major habitat types in my area, so there are no easy gains left there. I think an appropriate challenge from here would be to get to 2,365 (one new species per day equivalent) by 2021.

Targets: bryophytes, grasses.


That’s weird, I just checked that and compared to the species number on my profile page - 2357 species vs 1835 species! That’s quite a discrepancy.


I want to practise my in situ shots more. By the end of this year I was posting too many collected or dead specimen shots and forgetting to take other live images.


I need to stop being lazy and taking all pics with my phone, and break out my DSLR to get some quality shots! It’s just so much more involved to download, edit, export, and upload. But there are some fungi out there that need better pictures on their pages!


My goals for 2019 were:

  • surpass 5000 total species observed
  • observe 1200 arthropod species from the Santa Catalina Mountains
  • reach the top of the arizona species leaderboards

Somehow I managed to succeed in all of those things. I don’t expect to enjoy the same level of discovery in 2020, but I intend to continue going crazy in my mission to observe every arthropod possible in the Catalinas, I think 2000 species is a reasonably year-end goal.

Other than that, my main goal will be to convince other iNatters to come visit me in Arizona. We have great bugs here!


I wish there was some easy way of creating regional iNaturalist groups, to arrange bioblitzes or just casual outings… I don’t have any inat friends within an hour’s drive of me.


I need to stop telling myself thatone or anther group won’t be ided, they will be, and those obsmatter. I missed a whole ton of Amphipoda this summer just because I was too lazy or had no time, one excusion after another one. No such thing and I’ll begood, I got macro lens this fall and I’ll be ready to document as much as I can, probably will visit 2(!) great places and this is gonna be one of the best summers so far. Goal is to get as many species as I can and ofc learn new stuff. Main groups will be insects, spiders, mosses, lichens, for places I visit and my home town, plus birds/other reptiles and if possible mammals for new places.


Great everything, to be honest! Fabulous state for nature, Arizona.


Really?! There’s a lot of us down south. Perks of being near the place of iNat’s origin, I guess.


The only groups I’ve been able to find have been in the south Bay Area, and I hate driving through all that traffic to get there!


Buy a underwater camera and start microfishing (a concept I learned on the forum!!), also, wish I would reach some oceanic island here in South America (If thing goes well)


I completed my biggest goal of 2019 which was taking and completing my California Naturalist class to become a certified California Naturalist.

Next year I would like to enter an observation from every county in California.


I put in a request for xmas gift of slide scanner. Now another reason to scan the slides (location might be a problem though)


Outreach goals:

  • have a successful CNC2020 Vienna and motivate more people to become regular iNat users
  • initiate research projects with schools

Personal user-goals:

  • finding (at least) 2222 species in my city
  • find my 200th iNat-first

I also want to form a local group to iNat and share together. Great idea.


My personal goals for 2020 would be

  • Finish back log of records from 2019. My estimate is 200 records
  • Post at least 500 records from my early digital photo archive (2005-2010)
  • Cross 5000 records mark
  • Create at least 6 journal posts
  • Cross 12000 identifications mark
    Community goals
  • Get involved with campus iNat community
  • Get at least 51 new iNat users (with post at least 10 records each)

Well, the topic header says iNaturalist goals, not naturalizing goals, so I will focus on that.

  • do a better job with my curating responsibilities and be a better curator. If possible find time to dedicate to curating / data stewardship that aligns with my personal primary interests, not just general stuff. Hopefully doing stuff on my personal interests does not seem selfish as it hopefully can provide broader community benefit
  • do a better job of leveraging the mobile app, especially for botany, so I can create more plant records I can’t identify and need help with :innocent:
  • develop some Python scripts to automate some processes via the API