iNat Reddit AMA Today!

@kueda and a few educators who’ve used iNat (including @anneclewis) will be answering questions here starting at 1 PM ET (UTC -4):

As we pass 33 million observations (!) it’s fun to check out Ken-ichi’s first AMA back in September of 2016, where he said

At 3.3 million observations we’re definitely pushing at the limitations of our technical infrastructure


Looking forward to it. :)

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I’m at the link and currently there are 57 questions at 1:45p ET. I don’t see any answers yet. I’m sure I’m missing something. Maybe the answers will appear later today? Thanks.

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A lot of them are up now, some of the educators we worked with weren’t available until about 1. Ken-ichi’s continuing to answer questions.

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Excellent! Thanks for the update @tiwane.

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Wow. What’s a wonderful thing. Thanks for your share.

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