Canada exceeds 3 million verifiable records

Happened some time in the last 12 hours or so, becoming the 2nd nation to pass this level.

Not bad for the 39th most populous nation on the planet.

Funny it was only April of last year I posted a similar message about going over 1 million records.

Big shout out to my fellow Canucks.


Congratulations, I’m not a Canadian, but I briefly lived in Upstate NY.


Coincidentally I passed 3000 observations myself last night.


Good milestone!


Hopefully it will be 9 million this time next year :)
I think more and more users are finding out about iNat.


Still a long way to go! Over 35,000 pages of images (of all types) to identify or confirm and over 600 pages of Noctuid moths alone. I’m still beavering away (pun intended) at the backlog!


4800 pages of that 35k is fungi. I’ll do my best but that’s a tall pile, lol.
Currently identifying weeds for a change of scenery.


Go, Canada! :canada:

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Considering the amazing opportunities for observations in Canada, I am so sure the observation numbers will amaze us all in the coming months.

I just found out about 4 days ago now. Discovering it, I was absolutely shocked that I’d never heard of it until the beginning of this week. I take a lot of photos whenever I’m out on walks or hikes, and I like to know what species I’m photographing. I know a good number of local plants quite well & have a decent mini-library to consult, but the other stuff usually requires some digging.

Last weekend I came home from a week of camping on the BC coast, so there were a few creatures that I wanted IDs for. In particular some isopods that I saw: one & two. I found what I suspect is the same (or a closely related) species here on BugGuide and noticed that someone asked, “Would you consider adding this to iNaturalist?” That was the first time I’d heard about it. Now I’m going back through some old photos and finding stuff to add as observations. But I’m still asking myself, “How did I not hear about iNat until now!?”


I honestly put it off for about a year until I had three people reminding me to make an account lol.
I took some prodding, but now I’m prodding half my friends and twitter followers to join too.


Be careful - it can become quite an addiction.
I joined iNat in October 2015 just to get assistance for IDing species that I would come across every now and then. By Mar 14, 2019, I had about 15 observations in total submitted.

Then I realized the citizen scientist aspect of iNat and started going through all my old photos and uploading everything that was clear enough to give some sort of ID. I’m now up to 3879 observations and am only up to October 2018 of my old photos. I have, however, tried to keep as up-to-date as possible whenever I take new photos so 2019 and 2020 so far have been fairly well covered.
Sometimes it seems as though inputting observations on iNat has become a full time job!


It looks like about half of Canada’s observations are from Ontario. We’re just crankin’ 'em out! :sunglasses:

Unfortunately that percentage is more driven by the extremely low uptake of the site in Quebec than anything else. If Quebec adopted the site at even the same per capita levels of the rest of the nation, we’d be talking about recognizing 4 million records.

Yeah, you’re probably right. My optimistic appraisal is: give it time. Might help to nudge them along if some of us spent some time IDing QC observations.

In my experience with Noctuidae I have found more people from Quebec are posting images. Which has severely challenged my (limited) French language skills!

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