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We are trying to set up a project that includes over a hundred community scientists (CSs) periodically looking for a suite of invasive plants in recently burned areas. Each CS will adopt a portion of trail. I am thinking about creating a “trip” for this research initiative, for presence and absence, as well as effort in terms of time and distance are important data we aim to collect. For each user, the target list will be the same – the title and description too could be the same across all CSs. However, the distance traveled, coordinates, and start and end time would be different across each CS. It would be nice to have a “trip” that would automatically populate with our target list of introduced species, the title and description too could be the same across all CSs.

Thoughts? We could set the area and time to include the full extent of the project, but each user wouldn’t be surveying that entire area or surveying for that entire duration. Will the Trips Feature be appropriate for our purposes?


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Hi @pileated Just to reference what you are bringing up in this thread, you are referring to Trips Feature found here: and was discussed in post here:

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iNaturalist doesn’t strike me as the most efficient tool for collecting this kind of data. seems like some sort of survey package or even something like Google Forms could help you collect presence / absence data relatively easily. if you want to also collect observations in iNaturalist, too, you could definitely do that.


Yeah, this might be a bit too complex for iNat. Google Forms or something like might be a better fit.

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