iNat Year in Review 2021 Released!

Hey all, just letting you know that we’ve released the 2021 Year in Review!

iNaturalist network sites all have their own YIR stats as well, just go to [site domain name]/stats/2021

And you can generate your own stats by going to [site domain name]/stats/2021/you, eg You can also create a shareable image like the one above. Use #iNatYIR when sharing it, if you like.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed to iNat!


I love this feature.

It also reminds me that I need to spend a bit of December and January catching up on uploads from my summer adventures! :sweat_smile:

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Good to see the photos with the most favourites and have the breakdowns specific to UK now we have the node on the network.

Taking a quick look at the “new species” for UK I saw at least 3 fly species in different months which are just incorrect ( mainly down to users using a N.American autosuggest ). I only had a quick check, so I imagine there must be quite a few like this in other taxa/countries too.
A good way to find obs to fix!
But perhaps good to show RG obs only for this element to not confuse folks.


It’s the happiest time of year! Year in Review time!!!
Again, incredible job – so enjoy seeing these (and seeing how many others share their own year in reviews too)!


What’s going on with the large spike in May?

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That’s the week of the City Nature Challenge, which happens every year.



Such extraordinary efforts by the iNat community! I am glad to see more identifications were made than observations, since my wild guess is that it takes, on average, at least 1.5 identifications for every observation to move an observation to Research Grade or out of the Needs ID pool in some other way.

I’d love to see more stats on identifications - who made the most in 2021? How long was the longest ID streak? What were my own ID streaks? (Or did I miss these stats?)


Ugh, I only realised I had more observations last year over this year, it seems lack of ids took a toll on my will to go out, I hope next year will be better, because it’s a shame on my part, but at least I will have 100k+ ids done this year, which is better news.


That’s cool!
Will the stats be regenerated after the new year?

Such beautiful graphics and interaction! Well done! Wonderful to include the help given and received. Inspiring!

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But there are one more month left :-(
And I didn’t have time to upload my observations for the beginning of December to be included in the list of the longest series (my last observation is from December 1).

You can regenerate the stats whenever (even next year) so it can include all your 2021 observations

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Regenerate the whole iNat stats? Or just my personal statistics?

Your personal, sorry; the iNat global stats are fixed as far as I’m aware

We’ll regenerate the global site stats and network site stats about once a week.


Post withdrawn

What’s with these three observations so many faves? They’re all from consecutive days in November by different users, in Russia, and they seem like normal observations, yet they have a ridiculous number of faves and are by far the top three most faved observations of this year:

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That’s a local competition for a cource.


I have less, too. It was a strange season here. Not much around this year. We had a drought, and I suspect many life forms did not do well. Migration this fall was patchy. I only managed 10 K observations, but I’m slow!