iNatting in Panama?

A friend of mine is working in Panama for the next 1.5 years or so, and my wife and I are hoping to visit him in Panama City at some point but also head out to the countryside to do some naturalizing. Anyone have recommendations of places and/or tours to check out? Also, rainy vs. dry season?

It’d just be two adults, and we don’t have any specific taxa in mind, just cool habitats to check out and see what’s living there.


I stayed at Canopy Tower in the early 2000’s on a birding tour. The place had its own excellent bird guides, the food was fantastic, waking up to the dawn chorus and the sounds of Howler Monkeys and then going up to sit on the deck on top of the tower to watch the birds in the canopy top was excellent. The restaurant was at the top of the tower with windows all around, too, so the birding continued there. Roaming the grounds was wonderful for the variety of birds and mammals, especially. There was a cave to see Oilbirds. It looks like it’s about 35 miles from Panama City and there were other interesting locations near Canopy Tower for exploring nature.

I went with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, and here is the field report of their latest trip there:’s%20Canopy%20Tower%20Oct%202022%20Field%20Report.pdf/636d0fb29b1b542214bbf00e. They went in the fall. The field report mentions the other locations they went to.


Some of my best memories.


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