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I identified a Lemon antlion (Tomateres citrinus) for a person at another platform. Someone responded by asking if it belongs to the taxonomic Family of Myrmeleontidae or Liontidae. I’ve then checked in which Family iNaturalist categorized it in, which was Myrmeleontidae, to which I’ve responded back to the initial request. The person then replied with the following: “Maybe You could be right, but <Oxford…Zoology, 2014 as well as 2009> writes …liontidae. It wasn’t my invention.Thanks,nevertheless.” So, my questions to iNaturalist is a)Which one is right, and b) Which Dictionary is iNaturalist using?

iNat taxonomy can be corrected if you have the appropriate references to literature, just raise a flag on the taxon at question and copy in those references. for anyone looking into this.

originally picked up from GBIF:

Tomatares citrinus (Hagen, 1853)

CoL 2020 (Feb) also has it in the same family that iNat has it:

and the Hagen paper (as Palpares citrinus, from Ian’s post below):


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This is about the spelling of the family name. The …lion… must be a mistake. The family is named after the genus Myrmeleon.


A list of the taxonomic authorities the site tries to follow can be found here :

In many cases, including yours, the answer is none due to either lack of, or lack of awareness of a viable reference.

One consistent feature across all families of life is the site does not attempt to follow primary literature, but rather reviewed databases/references.


Myrmeleontidae is the only family name that I’ve ever known for antlions.

Beautiful insect BTW.

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I did a quick Google scholar search for the genus and species, and found nothing. I did find a German paper from 1853 -

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