iNaturalist / GBIF incorrect species match

Good evening,

I have just spotted a problem with the Psittacara finschi species :

The iNaturalist data are in the correct range (Central America) according to the Wikipedia information for the species, but the GBIF data displayed on the map must be for another species, from South-East Asia :

There must be a problem with matching identifiers in the databases.

It’s not really a bug, so I used the general channel : thanks for sending it to the right place! :grinning:


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Hi there,

It looks like the iNaturalist record for this species has been connected to the wrong GBIF record.

To see, first go to the “Taxonomy” tab, and click on “Taxon Schemes”:

Here, we can see the problem. The associated GBIF record is 5229034. The correct ID should be 7437947 (see, but instead it is connected to 5229034 which corresponds to Psittacula finschi (see, native to Southeast Asia!

You can flag the taxon, and a curator will fix it. (I am also a curator, so I will do it if no one else gets around to doing it.)


Thanks for these explanations ! :grinning:
I’m glad you were able to identify the problem. :+1:
However, I don’t know how to flag the taxon?

(This is assuming you are on one of the iNaturalist websites)

To flag a taxon, click “More”

Then click “taxa info”

Once you are in Taxa Info, type a scientific or common name into the searchbar

(I am using Coreopsis basalis for this example)

Once you are in the taxon page, click the “Curation” button, found just under the seasonality chart

Then click on “Flag for curation”

And it should bring up a page similar to this;

EDIT: Before submitting a flag, I recommend to click on “view flags” just in case someone else already flagged the taxon. If someone else has flagged the taxon for the same reason that you are flagging the taxon, it is best to not submit another flag.


Thank you @plantman4 :)

I flagged it here : :+1: